Passion about food

The seasonality of our menu is of paramount importance and we use only the freshest and sustainable ingredients sourced from local farmers.

With our experience and expertise in arranging gourmet catering JClub has a great demand for, we design a variety of menus that suit all sorts of venues that will help you  impress your guests with superb food and enjoy a relaxed meal like at home.

First choice

Seared foie gras

Caramelized onions
Apples and peach broth
Gluten free

Glazed oyster

Osetra caviar
Salsify and leeks
Gluten free

Tuna Tartar

Tuna tartar avocado
Wonton cups

Eclairs stuffed

with mushroom duxelle
and dry egg steak

Polenta cake

with roasted bell pepper
Tomato compote and chives

Small heirloom

tomatoes with cherry
mozzarella and balsamic

Prawn dumpling

Prawn dumpling
wrapped with bacon
and chipotle aioli.

Zucchini pancake

 with salmon tartar

Puff pastry cups

with burrata cheese
Fig jam garnish with duck comfit

Bacon wrapped

medjool dates
cherrywood smoked bacon
goat cheese, and balsamic glaze.

Need a customized menu?

Contac us, we will be more than happy to help.

Hot Appetizers


with homemade JClub
secret sauce

Rack of lamb

lollipop with pomegranate
Gluten free

Cucumber cups

with salmon mousse and
marinated tiger prawns with
bell pepper gastrique
Gluten free

Chicken skewers

grilled chicken, zucchini,
mushrooms, onions,
bell pepper. 
Gluten free

Shrimp skewers

grilled shrimp, zucchini,
mushrooms, onions,
bell pepper.
Gluten free

Mini tart

Mini tart
Caramelized onions
Burrata, fig reduction

Vegetarian skewers

zucchini, mushrooms,
onions, bell pepper.

Filet mignon sliders

filet mignon, lettuce,
tomatoes, garlic aioli.

Grilled chicken sliders

grilled chicken, bell pepper,
mozzarella cheese, tomatoes,
garlic aioli.

Meat ball sliders

meat ball, mozzarella
cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,
garlic aioli.

Potato piroshky

puff pastry, mashed potato,
wild mushrooms, garlic.

Chicken piroshky

puff pastry, chicken, carrots,
onions, mushrooms and
mozzarella cheese.

Beef piroshky

puff pastry,
ground beef,

3 Cheese piroshky

puff pastry, mozzarella,
cottage cheese,
feta and garlic 

Caprese skewers

mozzarella cheese, heirloom
tomatoes ,basil, garlic and
balsamic reduction
Vegetarian – Gluten free

Mini tart

caramelized onions,
burrata, fig reduction

Mini vegetarian cauliflower parfait

fig jam and goat cheese

Mini grilled cheese sandwich

with creamy tomato
soup on a shot glass

French lentil

cake with

Potato parfait

with dry age
steak and caviar
Gluten free

Fried goat cheese

with grape on
a crostini

Roasted golden beets

with spinach
Vegetarian – Gluten free

Burmese mango salad

on cucumber cups

Watermelon cups

 cherry tomatoes,
basil and feta

Grilled Rib-Eye Skewers

rib eye, zucchini, mushrooms,
onions, bell pepper and JClub
homemade teriyaki sauce.
Gluten free

Peruvian potato pure

with wine truffle oil,
grill skirt steak, JClub sauce,
micro greens served in a spoon

Mini Vegetables Terrine

Mushrooms, Zucchini,
tomatoes, basil and

Salmon skewers,

grilled salmon cubes, zucchini,
mushrooms, onions, bell pepper
and caper butter sauce.
Gluten free

Fresh Ingredients, Exelent Food

Peruvian Tapas

Mini causitas

stuff with octopus
and avocado aioli

Mini beef empanadas

Classic ceviche

on a shot glass


a la chalaca

Arroz chaufa

served in a mini box

Lomo saltado

served on a mini box

Papa a la huancaina

Fresh Ingredients, Exelent Food

Mexican theme

Mini chicken flautas

Mexican fiesta layers dip

refried beans, guacamole,
sourcream, cheese, tomato salsa
with tortilla chips

Mexican tuna tartare

avocado, corn and cilantro

Grilled prawn

mango sauce and tomato salsa

Crunchy taco cups

ground beef, bell pepper, tomato sauce
and cheese

Mexican brochetta

diced tomatoes, cilantro, corn,
marinated red onions  served on
a toasted sliced bread